Ruins of Aeril

The tale of two planets

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We are a new minecraft server that is bringing a new and unique experience for players who like cool features and teaming up with their friends. When you first join the server you start on a planet named Garyst. Garyst is a peaceful planet with enhanced amounts of resources and PvP disabled, minus the friendly PvP Arena you can find at spawn. After you build up your gear and resources you can go through a portal to a planet named Aeril. Once you arrive on Aeril the only way back to Garyst is death. You can team up with others in a Faction like system to domainate the other groups on the planet.

If you would like to keep up with us and talk to the community you can join our discord, follow us on twitter, or check out the news page.


The server is owned and operated in the state of Kansas. If you have any questions about how the server is run or any business inquiries you can email us at